ALTERNATIVE HELL: Well, kids, I won't lie to you...the first reading and performance for Better To Travel at the Alternative Festival was not great. It could have been the lack of publicity for the festival, or it could have been that the keyboard player for Jennifer Perry's band simply decided not to show up meaning we had to scramble and redo the set list, and it could have been that only four people were in the audience...all four of which happened to be friends of mine. The organizers (?) didn't even bother to come out and watch. They sat inside drinking and I had to go in and tell them we were finished. I think they must have realized the whole evening was pretty much a disaster and decided to drown their troubles. That's certainly what I wanted to do. The great Push Push Theatre did a performance of Nocturne just before we went on and had a staggering six people in the audience. I am supposed to go back on Sunday to do a solo reading (although my name was removed at some point last week from the line up on the website) but I am wondering if there will be anyone there to listen at all. If you were planning on coming, that would be great. However, I think Intervals on Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. at Horizon Theatre in Little Five Points will be your best bet.


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