WE HAVE LIFT OFF: I am just home now at midnight after the amazing official launch gig of Better To Travel at the Fayette County Library. I am so exhausted I can barely type, but I wanted to thank each and everyone who came tonight. It was an amazing experience to have all of you there (150 to 170 were the counts I received) and to everyone who bought a book (which we ran out of by the end of the evening). I saw old friends and teachers and friends who flew in from out of state for the event. The Jennifer Perry Combo (I adore these guys) were just on FIRE tonight. We had the full band and Jennifer was brilliant...especially covering Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill." I even sang a few bars (way back away from the mic...so you really couldn't hear me). Many, many thanks to Christeen Snell for making this dream come true. I'll write more later. Must sleep. Thanks again!


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