HOME AGAIN: Hello all. I'm back from Columbia, South Carolina and the signing at The Happy Bookseller with Cecilia Woloch and John Amen or Friday night. We had a small crowd, but wound up selling more books than we expected, plus the store had us leave autographed copies to feature. Atlanta writer/editor Kathy Vogeltanz was there (her family lives in Columbia) and a group of us went out to eat at this Italian place called Za's, which was tasty. The best part was, of course, the lively conversation. Cecilia loaned me Anne Fisher-Wirth's book of poems Blue Window, and she is brilliant. Hope to have her up in Atlanta for a reading at the B&N @ Tech. I also have Toni Morrison's new book Love, which I am dying to get into. At the hotel Friday night, I actually managed to write a new poem. So, it was a good weekend all around.

REVIEWS AND AWARDS: A review of Better To Travel is forthcoming in The Pedestal and, hopefully, the LAMBDA Book Report. That would be a huge feather in my cap. The book has also been nominated for the Georgia Author the Year Award and submitted for the LAMBDA Literary Award for Poetry. If I win one of these that would be amazing, and if I don't, oh, well. BTT is my first effort, so I am not expecting to start raking in huge amounts of cash and prizes. I'm just glad the work is being appreciated and has brought all these new people into my life.


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