FRIDAY NIGHT engagements for 2003 are officially over, but the year definitely ended on a high note. The Open Mic at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech had over 30 in attendance and Cleo Creech, Louise Runyon and Anne Bucey were fantastic. We had some great people at the ope mic, including newcomers Freedom Speaks and Ajari. Then I went over to Kodac Harrison's On That Note at the Defoor Center featuring Karen Wurl, Jon Goode, Travis Denton and Sylvia Cross. The show was taped for Public Radio South. It was a fantastic show.

MY SOUTH 2: Well, they didn't like it. My poem for the Tuner South competition wasn't selected as one of the nine finalists. Even now I still don't know what the judges were looking for. It seemed during Thursday night's readings that the judges were looking for "characters" rather than good poetry or spoken word. Not to say that the people they picked were bad, but there were others who read work that was brilliant and didn't get picked. Oh, well. Sunday night is the finals. I still think Ayodele has is sewed up, with Lady and Jessica Hand close on his heels.


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