HOME AGAIN: I'm back from Asheville, where I had a delightful time with fellow poets Cecilia Woloch and John Amen. We were also very appreciative of the hospitality of Jim and Alice Hardy who gave us room and board at their beautiful mountaintop home. They are the parents of the brilliant up-and-coming poet Dina Hardy and true lovers of the arts. Asheville is a gorgeous town with a European vibe and I could have spent thousands of dollars at Malaprops, where we gave our reading. We had a lovely crowd filling the cafe. Cecilia and I drove up together in her trusty truck and shared a lot of laughs. She's one of the few people who can listen to my tales and point out the possibilities of a poem. Thanks again Cecilia for the laughs and the inspiration. John and I had to bunk together at the Hardy's and we shared the pleasure and pain of getting poetry books to the masses. Both of them are already encouraging the next book and for that I am grateful. Of course, I hadn't been home an hour Sunday evening when I jumped in the car and went to Java Monkey Speaks. Great time as usual despite my exhaustion. Tania Rochelle read new work, Kodac was funny as usual and the feature, Mischa Cahnmann, was fucking brilliant. She was snapping at Ayodele's heels at the Roswell Slam back in February. Her work is lyrical and moving. I hope to hear more of her very soon.


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