MARCH UPDATE: The March update of is complete. There's a new column ranting about Dubya and other assorted controversies, appearance schedule update and a link to where my new poem Credentials has been published. Many thanks to editor David Herrle for publishing this very personal new poem. He does a great job with SubtleTea and I am honored to be part of it.

I am excited that John Kerry is going to be the Democratic nominee for president. I really believe he can beat Bush. Too bad someone can't depose Dubya and bundle him off in a helicopter to some African nation. Whether the US ousted Aristide out of Haiti is up for debate, but it wouldn't surprise me. While we're overthrowing nations, Iraq is still in chaos. The bombings there today on the Shia holy day were horrific. Of course you had to watch the BBC to see the true horror. Yep, we're doing a GREAT job in Iraq.


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