IRAQ PRISONER ABUSE: Dubya's polls are the lowest of his presidency. What a shocker! Further proof this man is a total moron by saying Rummy is doing a "superb" job as defense secretary, while the photos and news continues to leak out about the horrific abuse going on in the prisoner of war camps in Iraq. Seymour Hersh published a blinding condemnation of the administration in the New Yorker, and today the Red Cross released a report saying the abuse was tantamount to torture (not to mention half the prisoners were arrested by mistake)and systematic, not an isolated incident as Dubya and The Gang desperately want you to believe. Hersh's article said the abuse was allowed to go ahead because the US basically went into Iraq like a bunch of cowboys (insert your Bush joke here)and were given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted because this was war. I can just hear Dubya saying, "By god these sumbitches attacked us on 9-11 and Saddam tried to kill my daddy, so do whatever you got to do. Piss on 'em, make him look like faggots, wire up their dicks and shoot electricity to 'em. That'll learn 'em." Rummy should resign and Bush should start packing his bags. The US should pull out of Iraq and turn this operation over to a UN peacekeeping force. We may be planning to hand over control of Iraq back to its people, but we won't be leaving. That means the decent soldiers over there will continue to die. As for the dirtbag fucks who get their jollies on making naked men get in a cheerleader pyramid naked and simulate blow jobs, sit back and think about what that says for "don't ask, don't tell."


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