ABOUT LAST NIGHT...AND THIS AFTERNOON: On That Note went out on a high note last night with great performances by Kodac Harrison, Will & Philip Raines and the hysterical Nathan Deen reading his poetry. Nathan will casually tell you he's relapsed back into drugs and alcohol, and his poetry is edgy, but has some of the most direct and truthful images I've ever heard. He's a disciple of Bukowski. I'm going to get him on The Business of Words soon. If you've never heard him before, you'll be amazed. Sadly, the turnout for the last On That Note was sparse. Too bad. It was a great evening. Afterwards, some of us caravanned over to the Northside Tavern. I had jack and coke and got a bit buzzed. I'm such a lightweight.

Today, I actually felt a bit hungover, but I think it was a combo of not sleeping well and coming down from the long week at work. My friend Kathy and her sister Marge Tackes (who is one half of the hysterical Untamed Shrews comedy team) came up and collected me and took me to lunch at Einstein's restaurant downtown. It's so gay there, but plenty of eye-candy.

I came home and did some work at the PC and now I'm about to retire to watch a movie. Night all.


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