HOLIDAY WEEKEND: Last night there was a great turnout for the Georgia Poetry Society Open Mic reading I host. Louise Morgan Runyon read (and danced) from her book Reborn. Afterwards, I saw Cecilia Woloch and we had a chance to catch up. She's been out of the country since the beginning of May and is about to head to California. It was great to see her.

This morning I woke up and felt like hell. I think all the travel and stress at work finally caught up. I was supposed to meet Cecilia and other literary friends for dinner, but had to beg off. Now, I'm fully medicated and feeling a bit better. I just needed a lie in and a bit of rest. I actually worked on a poem AND wrote about three pages in my second novel, which I haven't touched in nearly a year! Cecilia gave me some good advice about how to proceed with Conquering Venus (the first and finished novel), so it looks like my attention will be turning in that direction.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love BBC America? When I'm home on a Saturday evening they have the great line up of House Doctor, Life Laundry and Location,Location, Location. All these shows make me want to move to the UK even more. Too bad I didn't win the lottery Friday night. I often find myself hunting for flats in the UK online. One day, it will happen.


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