LITTLE VICTORIES, AIDS CRISIS, NEW WORK: First, let me say how thrilled I am that the US Senate voted down the planned Constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage. It's a little victory, but it also sends a message. Dubya and his right wing christian nutjobs keep pushing the issue, but it's backfiring in their faces. Even moderate Republicans were not in favor of changing the Constitution. The government trying to dictate faith and morality is scary, but luckily there are some voices of reason in Washington on this issue. A side issue is that some gay rights activists decided to take a hardline approach and began outing gay and lesbian staffers and aides of conservative politicians. While I have never been one for outing, the fact that these staffers can work for what really is the "enemy," is beyond comprehension. It's like the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. I say out every one of them. This is no time to be hiding in a closet.

Today the US Government rejected a plea by the UN to give more funds to fight the AIDS pandemic. While the US is giving $15 billion to Africa, the Caribbean and Vietnam, the money comes with strings attached as Dubya pushes his christian religion on the rest of the world. The US money goes to countries that support Dubya's abstinence-first policy, and it currently can only buy brand-name drugs, usually American, shutting out cheaper generic versions made by developing countries. I just don't know what century Dubya and his religious fascist buds think we are living in. Abstinence?!!! I wonder if Dubya's little party slut daughters have saved their virginity for marriage? I'm thinking no. This is just another case of the conservatives trying to force morality on the public. How about providing unrestricted cash for condoms, cheaper drugs and REALITY-based education.

In a related issue, I saw The Global Fund's new TV ads about the AIDS pandemic. It says, "We have found the weapon of mass destruction - Global AIDS." Simple and brilliant. Visit The Global Fund website to see how you can help.

On a happier note, SubtleTea editor David Herrle emailed me today and said his guest-edited edition of Muse Apprentice Guild's Mini-Mag was finally published. I have three new poems and one of David's favorites from Better To Travel in the Mini-Mag. You can read them by clicking here.


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