MORE NEW WORK & BLOG UPDATE: Although August is still a few days away, the new edition of SubtleTea has gone live and features my essay on Wim Wenders' cult film Until the End of the World. As I mentioned in a previous post, the film was released in Itlay in the five-hour director's cut, which I now proudly own. Check out the essay and let me know what you think. In the same issue of SubtleTea, author Rolph Grompertz namechecks me and Better To Travel as one of the successes of print-on-demand publishing. Thanks to Tea editor David Herrle for all his support. I'm interviewing him this weekend for The Business of Words so my listeners can find out more about him, the zine and his own wonderful writing.

As you may have noticed the blog is getting a bit more info added, including my picture and more links. I'm currently working on adding a "Literary Links" section to some of my fave zines and mags. Watch this space.

The update of the main website at is also in the works. I'll send out my usual newsletter about that over the weekend.


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