BUSH...MORON: Dubya couldn't put together a coherent sentence with both hands and a flashlight during the debate this evening. He came off as a bumbling, mumbling, petulant, smirking hick. I'm sitting here listening to Fox News talk about how well Dubya did...further proof that their is a segment of the American community that is brainwashed. They would follow Dubya off a cliff like a lemming. Dubya is an isolationist (as in isolating America from the rest of the world) and has no clue how we're going to get out of Iraq. He resorted to keeping up the same old tired phrases, that frankly just don't sell anymore. If he said "it's a tough struggle" once, he said it a hundred times. Dubya acted as if he didn't even rehearse, which was shocking. On the other hand, Kerry was concise, well spoken and above all PRESIDENTIAL. If this doesn't help to swing the vote, then there really is no hope for this country. Anyone with half a brain could see that Dubya doesn't have the intelligence or resolve to lead this country another four years. More people will die, more countries will fall and American will continue to devolve into the bully of the world without any allies to its name. One thing is sure, when Tony Blair is run out of office, the Tories will tell Dubya to roll it up real tight and cram it. Then where are we? A bully party of one. Us against the world. I beg you, if you are reading this and haven't made up your mind, vote for Kerry. We simply cannot have four more years of this uneducated, simple-minded moron as our president.


Teamaster said…
You are right (as far as the speaking/presence/answers). I watched about an hour. While I think Bush rehearsed, etc., he sounded and acted like a buffoon. Judging by the theater that the debate fundamentally has become, as well by communication skills and coherent thoughts/answers, Kerry destroyed Bush.

(How Bush can be considered successful last night is absolutely baffling.)

All he could retort: "It's hard work" or "We must win" or "He keeps changing his mind on Iraq". Shameful.

I DID cringe when Kerry did not say "no" to further *preemptive military strikes* against other nations (like N. Korea). And he didn't oppose the Patriot Act (as far as when I watched). If he does get in, he might continue this "war on terror" with the blank check he's been given.

Despite my distrust for Kerry, he's a good, sharp, capable speaker. Bush looked like a fool. Of course, these aspects only go so far. There's also character, sincerity, wisdom, and so on, that are not detected by cameras and microphones.

Not that Bush has glittering examples. :)

And this exploitation of dead soldiers? "Honor", "served his/her country", etc.? Sickening. Elevating loss of life to the "highest good" is dangerous and easily done by the powerful. An individual is not less worthy than a mass. (That's why I dig the parable about the shepherd going back for the ONE sheep, instead of sticking with the flock.) We need to stop praising head-on death, sacrifice of life, over sensible, moral processes of government. Otherwise, every death can be justified by the powerful - as a "sacrifice", as "service to their country".

Buzzword = game over.

cbeck said…
i agree. Though i would hardly call DWB much of an isolationist. He deffinately has no clue how to fix his mess. I only wonder if having an educated moron will be much of a better alternative choice.

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