RECORDING THE CD: On Saturday afternoon, I met up with Denton and Jennifer Perry to finish recording my CD, HalfLife Crisis, which will be out in November. As a special guest, my old friend and poetry partner in crime, Christeen Snell, came up and read two of my poems. Back in the 90s, Chris and I performed all over the Atlanta area and on WREK radio. I wrote two spoken word performances. We had a blast doing that. And of course I dedicated Better To Travel to her, so it seemed to be a full-circle kinda thing to have her involved in this recording.

Of course, this is going to be an unconventional CD...this is me we're talking about. I never take the easy way. Basically, Denton set us up at a table facing each other, put a drop mic over us and we just sort of had a conversation with the poems interspersed. You'll actually be able to hear Chris commenting on the poems, some pretty funny outtakes and Denton dropping in some musical cues. I didn't want HalfLife Crisis to be just me reading the poems...that's a bore. It needed some flavor. We recorded the readings in one long session, and I went back and re-recorded one of the poems I flubbed totally. Denton is going to take the raw material and mix it with a few of the live cuts recorded in California by Steve Ramirez at the Ugly Mug reading.

I hope the CD will be ready for my next big gig, which is down in Savannah at The Sentient Bean on Thursday, Nov. 11. I'll be having a CD release party/reading here in Atlanta before Christmas and then probably one down in my hometown of Fayetteville after the holidays. Watch this space and check out the new HalfLife Crisis page on the main site at


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to hear this, esp. Sex In My Parents House.


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