JAVA WHEN IT SIZZLES: Just got in from one of the most amazing evenings I've had at Java Monkey Speaks in Decatur in ages. Now, JMS is always good fun, but every now and then there seems to be some kind of synchronicity happening where everybody has brought their best work. Tonight was edgy, fun and electric. Of course having the great Maureen Seaton reading added to this melting pot. While she was fab at my B&N event the other night, she was brilliant tonight. Before JMS, I took Maureen and Lisbeth to dinner at Mick's with Cherryl, Cecilia and Kodac. Great conversation, followed by all that great poetry, including exemplary work from Dustin, Kent, Lady, Icon and Rupert. Even Cali Starks (who apologized) was doing good work tonight. Cherryl had me all aglow with her bop poem, which used lines from the Superman: The Movie love theme, "Can You Read My Mind." Lawd knows I love me some Superman.

This was one of those poetry weekends that will stay with me. When it was about friendship, community, good work and none of the bullshit that is po-biz. Many, many, many thanks to Maureen for driving 10 hours from Miami to be here. We did a great show for The Business of Words that will air at the end of the month. Make sure you listen to hear Maureen read her work and talk about her process.

As cliched as it might be, Maureen, you rock!


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