THANKS JAVA MONKEY: I did my feature gig tonight at Java Monkey Speaks in Decatur. There's nothing like playing for a hometown crowd, and the folks were out in force tonight. Its bitterly cold here, but there wasn't a place to sit or stand in the room at Java tonight. I figured with the weather and the season, there would be a tiny crowd. Boy, was I wrong. Jennifer Perry got up and sang a Christmas song with Kodac (my pal and always gracious host at Java) and Lady Hardin. A couple of ladies drove all the way up from Peachtree City to if you're reading this Cheryl and Rebecca - many thanks! Stephen Bluestone and Bob Giannetti came, which pleased me. Cecilia snuck in just before I started and told me afterwards it was one of the strongest sets I'd done to date. I sold quite a few copies of HalfLife Crisis as well. I'm still buzzing about what a great evening it was. Thanks to everyone who came and listened and interacted.

Some of the poetry on the CD and the new stuff I've been writing is sexually explicit. I've started this process of reevaluating my sexual life and the people who have been part of it. I've actually had to talk myself into reading some of the new work because I'm even a little embarrassed about it. I feel like I've crossed some line with the work, and I don't want to cross back. It's confessional to the fifth power. Once you can get up in front of a room full of mostly strangers and give a frank account of giving head to a guy behind an abandoned restaurant, you can pretty much do and say anything. Being able to write this way is more liberating than I can put into words at the moment. All I know is the audience (the majority of it anyway) "gets" the work, enjoys it and wants more. For me, that's a poetry homerun.


BLUE said…
"confessional to the fifth power" ... sounds like a title to me (essay, poem?). try it on me! run with it ... all that ... lawd mo'. light! ~BLUE
Anonymous said…
Fantastic news! Congratulations!


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