THE STATE I'M IN: If you've been keeping up with the local news this week, you'll see the right-wing christian fundamentalist legislative body is hard at work trying to deprive Georgia citizens of their rights. And then you've got another crazy who wants you to be able to carry a concealed weapon into restaurants. What the fuck is going on?

Let's start with the gun nut. That would be Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) who's obviously been watching too many Dirty Harry movies and listening to Charlton "From My Cold Dead Hands" Heston. He thinks you should be able to carry a concealed weapon into a restaurant, specifically those that serve alcohol. Wow...just what we need. More drunks with loaded weapons. Of course my favorite quote on this was in an article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution where a woman was quoted as saying: "Can you imagine being in Java Monkey knowing the patrons are carrying concealed weapons?" Of course, Java Monkey is my homebase on Sunday nights for the weekly open mic hosted by Kodac Harrison. I guess being able to carry a gun into Java Monkey would make some folks think twice about reading bad poetry. I can see it now: "Man, that poem sucked..." and then you blow his brains out with your concealed weapon. If you ask me, Bobby Franklin needs to be recalled immediately. Just what you'd expect from Cobb County...where taxpayer's money is being spent to force science out of the classroom in favor of creationism. God, Guns and Glory...that's really what it's all about in Georgia.

And then you've got the crazy bitch duo of Renee Unterman (R-Loganville) and Sue Burmeister (R-Augusta) who are trying to circumvent Roe v. Wade by getting a mandatory 24 hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion. During that 24 hour period, she'll be forced to hear a scripted lecture by a doctor that is nothing but thinly veiled contempt for a woman's right to choose. The script is also full of inaccuracies, including that having an abortion will cause breast cancer. And then there's the guilt-trip bit about how the fetus will be in horrible pain as it's aborted. Can you imagine a woman who has been raped or the victim of incest having to sit through this kind of bullshit? Not to mention a woman who has made the agonizing decision to abort a fetus that has fatal birth defects. Not only will they have to hear "alternative choices" but be shown pictures of a healthy fetus. Renee (who's ex-husband has branded her a "nut case") and Sue are two more extremists that need a little less Jesus and a lot more hormone therapy. The AJC, which usually wussy's out on taking a real side, has finally stepped up to the plate to condemn these women and this bill.

The Republican's are also working to kill the city of Atlanta's human rights law that bans discrimination of gays and lesbians. This came up after the city started fining a local country club because it refused to give glbt members' partners the same ones it gives heterosexual members. The state legislature has no business meddling in city government, but of course the christian right can't stop thinking about homosexuality. The obsession with it by some of the conservatives borders on hysteria. Maybe they're just a bunch of closet cases.

What else do we have cooking under the Gold Dome? Oh, yeah, our lame ass governor Sonny Perdue trying to have the state's Sunshine Law banished, which allows citizens and the media to keep track of any illegal backdoor dealing done by our elected officials. Makes you wonder what Sonny and his boys have to hide. God forbid we question how our tax money is being spent.

Hmmm...maybe Bobby Franklin's law will get passed and all these loonies who are "representing" us will get caught in the crossfire.


Anonymous said…
You should soon! LOL

Collin said…
This morning I got an email saying that someone named "Lisa" (and this was not my good friend Lisa)had commented on this post. Turns out it was spam with a link to some site to buy cheap drugs. Un-fucking-believable...people are now leaving spam on blogs. I'll be patrolling this blog religiously and hoping to block any further comments like this. Oh, and "Lisa" - fuck off.

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