ANOTHER SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN: The New York Times published an interview today with Ken Hutcherson, the homophobic, right-wing, Christian whackjob from Washington who claims he forced Microsoft to pull its support of a bill on gay rights for the state. His church is located near Microlimp's headquarters and he says he had closed door meetings with the company and threatened to whip up a nationwide boycott if they supported the measure. Hutcherson is also unhappy about how the gay rights struggle is compared to the civil rights struggle in the 60s. Here's my favorite quote from the NY Times:

"You tell me what I went through as an African-American, when they talk about discrimination, compared to what gays go through with discrimination--it's the difference between night and day, not even close," Hutcherson said. "I even get upset when people say, 'Well, you got to understand what they go through.' Not when they've chosen to do what they do. They can stop choosing what to do, what they do, and they can hide it anytime they want. They can hide their homosexuality. Could I take a 'don't ask don't tell' policy as an African-American? I could try even to pretend I was Puerto Rican, but I'm still going to get blasted for my skin color."

I wonder if Hutcherson could choose to get his head out of his own ass? It just goes to show you can be a total motherfucker no matter what color your skin is. He can't choose his skin color, and I would say the majority of gays and lesbians didn't "choose" to be gay. How is it possible that his "followers" hear this and agree? What kind of brainwash job is the religious right doing? This is the kind of crazy that has hijacked the Republican party and gives Christians a bad name.

Personally, I'm fed with Microlimp anyway. If it's true the company caved to this homophobic piece of garbage, then they should all be ashamed and gay employees should strike or quit. Microlimp's reputation is already in the toilet for all the viruses and security issues with its OS. I've been a Microlimp customer since I started using PC's back in the mid-90s. However, when I update later this year...Apple will be getting my business. A nice, shiny new PowerBook for me.


Teamaster said…
Hutcherson's comment is factual in ONe way: appearance vs. preference/psychology/sexuality, etc.

But...what's the worry about Microsoft's vote? It's Microsoft's vote. Not his. Sure, boycott is a form of protest that straights and gays can use to voice their opinions/disloyalty...but...I don't know. I guess I'm out of the loop. Why do folks beat back and forth so much? Seems stupid to me.

Well, those who disagree with Microsoft's move/Hutcherson's view can do the same: boycott. And then those who disagree with THAT can bash THAT counter-boycott.

See-saw politics upsets my tummy. :)

Bookfraud said…
i read the homophobic minister story in the NYT. microsoft's behavior was disgraceful. this doofus is a piece of work -- typical ex-jock, "scared of the homos" idiot. I hate morons who say people should hide who they are. sickening.

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