LIFE GOES ON: Poetry in Atlanta continues despite off the wall accusations by bitter poets who hide behind their computers. This weekend, I washed the Mary dirt off and went on about the business of bringing poetry to the people.

Last night at the Georgia Poetry Society Open Mic & Reading Series at Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech we had one of the biggest audiences yet. Not only did we have our features - Beth Gylys and Travis Denton - but the audience was full of the local literati, including Thomas Lux, Amy Pence, Leon Stokesbery and many others. We had some great folks reading during the open mic, like Rupert Fike, Michelle Walker, Eve Hoffman, Louise Runyon, Theresa Davis and many others. Of course, Beth and Travis did great sets. Travis has this amazing free verse work that weaves in pop culture references, which I'm all about. Beth reads in this amazing deadpan, self-effacing style using perfect form and free verse that sings. The evening was the definition of diversity. It makes all the hard work and time worth it.

Today, was the first full day of the Arts In the Park festival at Oakland Cemetery, and I hosted the GPS reading in the public grounds area. It was a beautiful spring day and we had a nice turnout. Again, all ages, all colors, all styles and Javaology was serving up these orange ice drinks that were soooo good. Dustin Brookshire really impressed me with his series of poems about anorexia. He's working on his first book and it should be a doozy. On Wednesday, May 11, I'm hosting the Twilight Open Mic at Oakland, featuring Tania Rochelle. Should be fun...come out and join me. Ignore those who pooh-pooh open mics. There is so much talent in Atlanta.

The re-write of the first half of Conquering Venus is almost complete and I have a trusted friend doing a hard edit, looking for grammar, punctuation, continuity, flow, etc. It's going back to the publisher who agreed to look at it again, as well as a couple of other places. This novel will be published if it's the last thing I do. Then, after I return from NYC, my sabbatical to finish up the new poetry manuscript begins. I'll be settling into my new space and I'm going to hibernate for July and August and get some work done.

In other good news, I read today that Microsoft reversed itself and will now support the anti-discrimination bill in Washington state. I'm sure the Christian right and that homophobic minister I blogged about last week is having a fit. Good.


nolapoet said…
Thanks again for the B&N reading, Collin--this was the first one I'd been able to get to, and it was indeed a good audience mix. I waited all evening just to hear Beth's villanelles.

Looking forward to the cemetery, and to Lady reading next month!

FYI--I'm teaching a (FREE) beginners' poetry writing workshop for nontraditional students (usually means ~25-plus) this summer at Kennesaw. I've limited it to eight slots, but they say I can invite adults from the larger community. (Parking can be a major bitch at KSU.)

If you know of any grown folk who might want to sharpen their skills this summer, refer 'em my way.

There's also going to be a paid workshop closer to home, dealing specifically with more advanced craft matters, but I'm waiting on the brochures.

Collin said…
Glad you are back on the scene, Robin. Your wonderful voice has been sorely missed. I hope you plan to read for us on Wednesday night at Oakland. :)
Ryan said…
thanx 4 the words of support!
nolapoet said…
Collin, I just remembered: I meant to read, but realized that I have to teach ESL that night, and won't get done till 8:45pm.

Maybe next year.

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