BLAME CANADA: Our progressive neighbors to the north, Canada, officially made same sex unions legal in all provinces yesterday. Down here in the Divided States of America, we had our worthless, warmongering president on national television once again lying to the people about the war in Iraq. The defining and delusional moment came when Dubya tied the insurgency in Iraq to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. What a slap in the face to all those who died that day, and to the soldiers sent to fight an illegal war. Is anyone still buying his bullshit? Apparently not as many, since his approval numbers are in the toilet (can we get that courtesy flush now?) I say we impeach the motherfucker and try to right this sinking ship of a country. How can we survive three more years of this hateful, stupid man and his lies? At least Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld has gotten in touch with reality. He said we'd still be in Iraq ten years from now and it might take more than a decade to end the insurgency. Not to mention, we've got a Supreme Court tottering on the brink of becoming the tool of the Christian right zealots, and can't seem to make up their minds if Ten Commandment displays should be allowed in courthouses (they shouldn't!), but are willing to pervert the eminent domain law allowing more fat cat developers and greedy governments to seize private property. Although Hillary Clinton wouldn't be my first choice for president, I say bring her on. In the meantime, Canada looks better and better every day.


nolapoet said…
I wish that someplace warmer would offer similar recognition. I do understand that Ecuador has an antidiscrimination clause in its constitution, but it is not exactly a gay haven. However, when the going gets tough, I can sing "O Canada" very well, thank you.

I see more and more people, some of whom are straight, emigrating.

I believe in the power of democracy and in my Constitution. However, what we have here is a high-tech junta that has circumvented all that.

Until average Americans wake up, as I believe they slowly are doing, and fight back, this crap will continue--and it is way too close to 1930 Berlin for my taste. Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome....
Lisa Allender said…
Yep, Canada has it goin' on...
I am bisexual, and currently in a committed, heterosexual relationship.I am SO excited about Canada and their progressive, open, welcoming policy...Let's hope other nations review their laws, and open their hearts...

I have to say I am appalled at George W.'s comments last night---It was really hard to stomach.
I think every American(I love this country, but I am quite sickened by the current administration)
should get quiet for a moment, & really THINK about what all this means---this invasion of Iraq--what really has been achieved?
Do you TRULY feel "safer" for having invaded a country?
With our Civil Rights being eroded EVERY day, I think the real fight for Freedom is HERE--not in someone' else's country...
Lisa Allender, Poet/Actress, Atlanta
nolapoet said…
Point of Information:

Canada did NOT legalize gay marriages yesterday.

From the Guardian:

"Canada took a step closer to legalizing same-sex unions. A bill to gay marriage bill passed in Canada's House of Commons on Tuesday in spite of fierce opposition from Conservatives and religious leaders. It is expected to easily pass Canada's Senate before the end of July.

The bill, drafted by Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal Party government, would grant same-sex couples legal rights equal to those in traditional unions between a man and a woman, something already legal in a majority of Canadian provinces."

¡Pero preferimos España en cualquier caso!
Collin said…
Robin...well then there's conflicting info. Because here's this big story from CNN saying it did. According to this story, it was the last piece of legislation and after passing it, they went on summer break and won't reconvene until September.
Collin said…
Robin, that article from The Guardian is in error. Canada did pass the marriage law. Here's the updated story from The Guardian:,12592,1517282,00.html
M. Ru Pere said…
Well I just made a 25 buck contribution to MoveOn's attack ads that will try and not let Bush get away with it (linking the war to 9/11 and terrorism) . . . and now, I'm not quite as angry . . . that's where we can hurt him . . . w TV ads . . . that's what makes Rove etc. whine like bitches
nolapoet said…

That is a Reuters story which CNN posted.

Read it carefully: while the chances are apparently overwhelming for final passage, it is not yet, in point of fact, law:

"The bill still needs to be approved by the Liberal-dominated Senate upper chamber, but that is seen as a formality."

It bears noting that:

"Some Liberal lawmakers admit they fear a voter backlash at the next federal election, expected early next year. Conservative leader Stephen Harper says opposing gay marriage will form a major part of his election platform.

"But Harper's stance could also be risky. The Liberals won elections in 2000 and 2004 in part because they portrayed their right-wing rivals as extremists who would hack away at civil rights if elected.

"Parliament broke for the summer immediately after the vote. Legislators will resume work September 26."

So, should opposition marshall sufficient pressure over the recess, however unlikely a scenario that is, the bill COULD be hung up or turned back.

Someone at Reuters (or possibly CNN) put a poorly-edited hardtop on a story.
Collin said…
Hmmm...most of the media is picking up and saying it's passed. There's some poorly written stories out there then, if this has yet another hurdle to clear then there's a ton of bogus stories floating out there.

Rupert, making a contribution ot is an excellent idea. I think I'll make one myself!
Anonymous said…
The Mistress of Corgimanor said…
So when some fat cat developer tells his powerful buddy, and fellow Christian, that he needs your home to put in a subdivison with four houses per acre or a new SuperWalMart maybe you'll get enough 'compensation' to live somewhere else decently. When you drive by your former home 3 years later and see a graffitti covered empty 'big box' (vacated for the newer bigger WalMart)where you're children enjoyed playing and growing, etc. - I think we will all begin to feel ashamed that we didn't work harder to run the avaricious, mendacitous, self righteous bastards out of office and out of town.
Of course, in Gwinnett County we fight this kind of thing on a regular basis until we can vote someone out of office. Somehow the newly elected person doesn't waste much time pulling off that old sheep costume.
Ooops, there goes my blood pressure. Is it too early for a relaxing and therapeutic cocktail?
Teamaster said…
Christianity/"rightism" is irrelevant to the most recent slam on property rights. (Look at who supported/condemned the decision.) This is an example of the awesome power of the Supreme Court. Whether flawed or not, their authority to say what's Constitutional is a huge hammer. (An example of an unprecedented, creatively interpretive, molding-something-from -nothing in the Constitution, somewhat arbitrarily dictated swing of this hammer is the Roe V. Wade decision by Blakmun, I hate to mention.)

The Forefathers were wary of potential judicial might or tyranny for this reason.

It seems the fundamental importance of individual property rights as an element of liberty (ala Blackstone,Locke, Burke, Seldon, etc.) has been chipped away in the people's minds - and also pissed on by crap disguised as "the greater good." What a typical scenario.

Thomas Sowell summed extended eminent domain up perfectly:

"What the latest Supreme Court decision does with verbal sleight-of-hand is change the Constitution's requirement of "public use" to a more expansive power to confiscate private property for whatever is called "public purpose" -- including turning that property over to some other private party."

nolapoet said…
¡Mira, viva España!
Collin said…
There seems to be more Democratic support for this change in the emminent domain law, but I'm afraid I have to swing more conservative. I think allowing big developers to literally steal private property to put in more shopping malls, fast food joints and cluster homes is bullshit.

Sure, I support condeming a slum and regenerating it into something beautiful and useful. However, as in the case in Texas, the big developer who wants the land owned by commercial fishermen so he can build a fancy marina for the rich...that it just horrible.

Georgia is moving to make an amendment to the state constitution to block this seizure threat, and for once, I can support an amendment recommended by Republicans.

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