READING POETRY IN KENNESAW: Yesterday afternoon, I joined fellow poet Steven Owen Shields to give a reading for the Kennesaw Mountain Writers Project at Kennesaw State University. KMWP is a summer continuing education program for teachers, and we had a very attentive and appreciative audience. I read new work and selections from Better To Travel. After the reading, Steven and I answered questions about poetry and accepted invitations to come and read and do workshops with students. The university bookstore had purchased at least a dozen copies of my book and sold every one, which, of course, pleased me. It's always exciting to read to a new audience and feel like you're making a connection. I think that was definitely accomplished yesterday. Many thanks to Katie Fesuk, who invited us and made us feel welcome (and for buying us lunch) and to all the teachers we met.

Have I mentioned that my car is slowly falling apart? It's been in the shop about five times in the last year and yesterday on the way back from Kennesaw, the AC started making a strange noise. I spent about $500 just a few months ago having a brake job and replacing some hose that made the "Service Engine Soon" light come on. Well, the light was on all last week and my brakes are still screeching like a rake on a chalkboard. I've taken the car back once to the same mechanic about the brakes, but they just can't seem to get it right. The car has 99,000 miles on is about seven years old, so a new one might be in my near future -- although I can't really afford it. Sigh.

Tomorrow I leave for NYC for my reading at the Pink Pony West reading at Cornelia Street Cafe. If you're in Greenwich Village tomorrow night at 6 p.m., drop in and say hello. There's an open mic, too.


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