FREEDOM FOR ALL? I'm not feeling very patriotic today. Okay...I haven't been feeling patriotic for a couple of years. However, one thing that did lift my spirits on this Independence Day was the United Church of Christ voting to support gay marriage. The resolution still has hurdles to clear, but it's a step forward and proof that not all Christians are fanatical, homophobic, right-wing crazies.

The retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor from the Supreme Court is sure to set up a battle royale in Congress. Dubya is going to move to put one of his crazy Christian fanatics on the bench to begin the effort to thwart Roe v. Wade, rewrite the Constitution, and strip minorities of more of their liberties. This Independence Day fills me with a bit of dread, actually. It's like the calm before a really big storm.

On a lighter note, I went with my pal Malory to see War of the Worlds yesterday. It was scary and nihilistic up until the every end, which was a cop out. I was even able to suspend my dislike for Tom Cruise as he tried to save his family from the aliens. The fact that Tom believes in real life that he's an alien deposited here millions of years ago by some cosmic warlord aside, it was still an exciting flick and he played deadbeat, asshole, redempted dad convincingly. Just lay off poor Brooke Shields, stop dancing on couches and using poor starlets as beards.


Lisa Allender said…
Yep, I too, am quite enthused---we(us GLBTQ)have gotten the Episcopal Church interested in supporting Gay Rights/Marriage, and ordaining Bishops who are gay, as well!
I'm extremely pleased the United Church of Christ is doing so, and I am aware of the "Unity Christ Center" Churches which have encouraged EVERYONE to participate--there has NEVER been restrictions on ANYone sharing God with others....
Shame on the churches that call themselves "Christian", who continue to discriminate!!

As far as Tom Cruise goes, I usually cannot stand him, but definitely had fun seeing WOTW,and being frigthened.
Collin, it was a "great ride" movie, but I, too, think Steven Spielberg "phoned in" the ending....

And eeeeuuuuwwww! what a CREEPY thing to read about "Scientology"---that link u provided in this latest Blog entry, is what's REALLY scary!!!
Anonymous said…
Still drinking the Kerry Kool Aid. you liberals never learn.
Teamaster said…
Anonymous, please. While I'm all for the anonymous provision online, I'm also curious about opposing viewpoints, different opinions, ,and even staunch beliefs and conclusions.

But just lobbing little bombs wrapped in cliches or lifted lines here and there loses its humor or novelty after a while. Then folks wonder: where's the beef?

In other words, show some substance to your apparent disagreement, at least.

Otherwise you are seen as or even become the label/robot you seem to be accusing so-called Kool-Aid drinkers as being (for the Kool-Aid tag is meant for blind followers instead of discerning individuals).

I've diverged from many issues mentioned on this blog, but I've never sniped a shot for the sake of shooting. Bullets are expensive. Choose them wisely. And bullets shot by an IDEA are even more effective.

Collin said…

Thanks for defending my honor. You, sir, are a gentleman.

I've thought about making the blog open only to those willing to sign their name, but somehow that seems wrong. Besides, if I did that, then stupid motherfuckers like Mr. Kool-Aid couldn't leave idiotic comments. Those who don't sign a name are just cowards anyway.

We all know whose Kool-Aid your sipping Mr. Anonymous.
Anonymous said…
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