LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Dubya put forth his nominee for the Supreme Court this evening: U.S. Circuit Judge John Roberts. Jr. You're going to be hearing his name a lot in the coming weeks as the Republicans and Democrats square off. Roberts is exactly the kind of Supreme we don't need. He has a history of working to overturn Roe v. Wade and even argued in favor of letting nutjob pro-lifers block entrances to abortion clinics (he lost). Blogger pal and poet Robin has the PDF linked on her site talking about Roberts moves to tear down the wall separating church and state and his hostility toward minorities. All day long, there was a rumour swirling that Edith Clement would get the nom, but Republicans were about to lose their shit over her because she didn't have a "paper trail" and had once ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood on a funding issue. I knew Judge Edith was a longshot, but it offered a glimmer of hope that Dubya might be trying to be more moderate. No such luck. He goes for right-winger that has the Christian right base doing the happy dance and touching their naughty parts. I hope the Dems are prepared to filibuster this guy. To the ramparts...


standaman said…
On one hand, it is definitely a green-light to try to block the nomination.

On another hand, Bush anticipated this, and so did the conservatives. A filibuster might just be what they want, to rally their conservative base.

John Roberts is neither female, non-white, nor moderate. He's a WASP, if you ask me. Just bush's kind of people. A poster boy for someone who fights for his beliefs despite what is rational.
New dog, same old trick. The only question: How long will it take to play out?

The Democrats will expend all of their vitriol against John Roberts - He's anti-abortion; he's anti-affirmative action; he's the antiChrist-ian. Oh, how the Democrats will paint John Roberts! Oh how they will exhaust their Crayola box of all its awfullest colors! But in doing so, they will end up looking like utter and complete asses themselves.

While their raising Cain will successfully block the confirmation of John Roberts (as the Bush camp has no doubt already predicted), the Democrats' histrionics will fashion them unreasonable, implacable, and insatiable when they try to block Bush's next nomination, the REAL nomination - who will be (surprise) a teaspoon more moderate - who will APPEAR as an olive branch, a compromise - yet who will be as right-winged as a deformed bird; that is, who will EXACTLY what Bush wanted all along.

Collin said…
I'm pretty sure the Dems will fail in blocking Roberts. I actually think he's more hardcore than anyone realizes. And I think the next nominee (if Bush gets to put one forward) will be more of the same. Dubya's still playing to his base to pave the way for Jeb to run in 2008 or some other neo-con waiting in the wings.

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