DIE, PAT, DIE: In the time honored tradition of the 700 Club, I am actively praying for the death of Christian nutjob Pat Robertson. I don't care how he dies...it just needs to happen soon. Maybe he'll be struck down by cancer or a massive stroke or maybe God himself will come down and smite Pat right on his loony little head. I know Pat would approve of this since he's asked good Christians to pray for the deaths of ill Supreme Court judges so they can be replaced by more conservative ones. And yesterday, Pat skipped the middle man (sorry God) and asked our government to assassinate the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, for trying to import Communism and extremism to America. Ummm, Pat, extremism is already here and you're its biggest cheerleader you crazy old fuck. Just die already!

UPDATE: Time magazine has an excellent piece on how Robertson's calls to "take out" Chavez only continue to boost Chavez's popularity in Latin America. Chavez believes the US is out to get him and take control of the oil wells that supply America with 10 percent of its fuel. America isn't beyond assassinating (or aiding and abetting assassinations of heads of state). Salvador Allende comes to mind. Chilean President Allende was murdered in a coup, which led to 17 years of dictatorship by Pinochet where more than 3,000 people disappeared and thousands more were tortured and beaten, all with the tacit approval of the US.


Anonymous said…
Is this supposed to be funny? Because it is.
M. Ru Pere said…
What's NOT funny is the way our country talks so much about democracy as an excuse du jour for unjustified wars, and then at the same time we (the present brain-dead adminstration) works to undermine democratically elected governments. This is but one reason why America is hated throughout the world. We cannot impose our will on the world - the result of thst will be that we will get our ass kicked as is currently happening. Meanwhile the sexually repressed try to use this country as the big dick they wished they had. Nope, none of it funny, not at all.
Cleo said…
It's just amazing how politicized religion has become when a leader of the conservative evangelical religious right advocates murder as way to keep American SUVs running.

One of the articles today listed some of the many nutcase tirades Pat's been on, like saying 9/11 was brought on by God's anger at gay people.

He's a nutcase! Question is, will this serve as a turning point for conservatives when they realize the religious right maybe isn't the group they should be bowing to? Will other church leaders denounce this guy or just sit quietly? How can he still be running a network?
Peter said…
"Die, Pat Die:" Hahahaha. Oh, Collin, I love it.

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