KATE'S KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: EMI Records debuted a new "official" website for Kate Bush today at www.katebush.com and offered up this image for the first single, King of the Mountain. There is speculation that Kate's young son created the artwork, but unlike many new releases Kate and EMI have kept this single and album under tight lock and key. No leaks and only a few people have actually heard it.

On Wednesday morning, Radio 2 in the UK will have the first exclusive airplay of the single at 10 a.m., which is about 5 a.m. eastern time in the states. I'm setting two alarms so as not to miss it. I'll be nearly dead at my computer, but I'll be hearing the first new Kate song in 12 years. What's a little sleep?

The party in London is shaping up to be lots of fun. I'm trying to set up some gigs, but not having much luck. Oh, well...that might be for another trip. I think some more folks will be staying in my hotel in Bloomsbury, so we should be having a swell time.

My birthday was on Saturday (I'm 36...lawdy me) and it was a very low key weekend. My friend Mal took me to dinner and we went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which was creepy fun, but once again, the experience at the cinema was shitty. There was some old guy unwrapping crinkly candy all during the film and then these kids came in late and chatted through half it. And the movie industry wonders why ticket sales are poor. I'll stick with Netflix.

Just say that Dubya's approval ratings are still very low. FEMA continues to be a roadblock other than a help to those in New Orleans. CNN published a damning report over the weekend featuring an interview with FEMA workers who warned Brownie and Chertoff that Katrina was going to be a disaster and they sat around with their thumbs up their asses. Chertoff, like Brownie, has no business heading up Homeland Security. What a fucking joke. Dubya should be impeached. Where's the petition? Where do I sign?


Anonymous said…
Dude your living on another planet. President Bush will never be impeched.

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