TAKE THE HINT: On Saturday more than 100,000 people converged on the National Mall in Washington, DC for a anti-war protest. Today, only 400 people showed up to support the war. Dubya was conveniently out of town trying to act all presidential by sitting all snug and dry in a bunker at Norad in Colorado while Hurricane Rita struck Texas and Louisiana. Once the storm passed, he choppered in to one of the stricken areas. Has no one told Dubya that even members of his own party see this as a giant sham? Oh, and Cheney conveniently had anuerysms in his knees. He's a walking medical chart, yet he's still alive. I guess the deal Dubya and Cheney made with the devil is still intact. I suddenly just flashed on The Omen III where Damien grows up to become president so he can usher in the reign of Satan. Hmmm...any day now, then.


Anonymous said…
Theer were only about 50,000 people for the march on Saturday. CNN always inflates numbers. Don't beleive everything you read.
Collin said…
Oh, please. There were probably more than 100,000. Don't give me any Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter bullshit. I heard Hannity the other day about to have a stroke over the fact that so many people showed up on Saturday for the anti-war rally. He said, and I quote, "100,000 people can be wrong." Hilarious.

Don't buy into Republican/conservative propaganda.

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