100 BLOGGING POETS: Hats off and many thanks to Billy Jones, who is profiling 100 poets who blog on his site at BloggingPoets. Billy put this blog at Number 22 and I've already seen a spike in traffic, which is exciting. For all those poets who still haven't figured out that the World Wide Web is a perfect way to promote and share your work, pay attention! Besides little ole' me on this list, you'll see some of my favorite blogging poets like Nick Bruno (They Shoot Poets, Don't They) and Ron Silliman (Silliman's Blog) and Peter Pereira (The Virtual World). Always check the Literary & Blog Links at left on this site. I update them regularly. You'll never know who you might discover. The revolution continues!

RIP August Wilson.


Billy Jones said…
As always, thanks for the links and the traffic they'll bring, and thanks for the great work you do.
Stranger Ken said…
I've just been browsing through the three sites you mention in this post and wanted to say thanks for the introduction to some interesting reading!
Collin said…
My pleasure, Ken. :)

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