THE BIONIC WOMAN: I got a note yesterday that The Bionic Woman has been released on DVD in the UK. The entire first season on four disks...13 episodes of bionic goodness. First Kate Bush's new album, then Lindsay Wagner. Two of the pillars of my trifecta of women who might turn me straight (the other is Gillian Anderson). Maybe not totally straight, but at least a nice dinner and some chaste lip kissing.

I may have blogged about this before, but I freely admit my obsession for The Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man. They've even found their way into some of my new poetry. I sooooooooo wanted to be bionic. It was my favorite game to play with my friends back in 1976 on the playground and during the summer. We all must have looked moronic running in slow motion and making that bionic sound effect. I used to jump off chairs, monkey bars and even tried using a mini-trampoline (which they actually used in the show for the stunt doubles to vault over fences and walls) to try and jump over things. I had every single SMDM and TBW toy made, including the big dolls. The dolls (or action figures...if you will) were made out of very hard plastic and playing with them was always a challenge. You wanted them to jump over and out of things and they got scratched up and parts broke off. I went through a couple action figures during the 70s and they tried to make TBW more girly, by giving her different outfits and a beauty salon/medical center playset. Yeah...I had the clothes and the beauty salon. TBW only ran three seasons, but I loved every minute of it...esp. those episodes with the evil Fembots.

I still love Lindsay Wagner. Everytime I see her in the SleepNumber bed commercials, I have the irrational urge to run in slow motion. And of course I have a TBW doll, mint in its box circa 1976, sitting on my bookshelf. I heart the 70s.

Oh, and make sure you check out this blog written by...ummm...Harriet Miers. Who knew the posterchild for croynism (sorry, Brownie, your reign is over) had such a sense of humor? Being able to laugh at oneself will come in handy while stripping Americans of their rights. Laugh and the world laughs with you...


Anonymous said…
You're showing your age, CK. hehe


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