SPAM HELL & TWISTED ANKLE: Anyone who uses Blogger will have noticed the uptick in the amount of "spam comments" that are cropping up on various posts. How the hell spammers have managed to basically hack into blogs and leave comments is beyond me, but there is a solution. Many bloggers have switched on a feature that requires those leaving a comment type in a series of letters before hitting the "post comment" button. I had been holding out, not wanting to add this extra step, but this morning I checked email and found that THREE spam messages had been left overnight and I knew it was time to turn on the spam filter function. Don't let this deter you from commenting. You can still comment anonymously if you like, nor do you have to register to Blogger. You simply type in the series of letters provided and then hit post comment. And please, if you are ever reading this blog or any other and see a dubious looking comment with a link, don't click it. The spam left overnight for me ranged from "Make More Money" to "Penile Implants."

I missed the opening of the Body Maps exhibit that I talked about in the previous post. I had gone to Decatur with my friend Malory and we decided to grab dinner first at Brickstore Pub. We had forgotten it was OctoberFest in Decatur so the traffic was nightmarish and the Brickstore was packed and noisy. We went upstairs to wait at the bar, but it was so loud, we decided to leave. When I was walking out of the bar, I totally forgot there were two little stepdowns. I missed both of them. I twisted my ankle and wound up on the floor, much to the delight of a table full of drunks sitting nearby.

I limped over to Mick's and we had dinner, but my ankle started swelling and it was hurting like hell. So, we decided to call off the evening. I came home and iced it down and wrapped it up. Many apologies to Sylvia Cross for missing the opening night. Tonight, is the opening for A Soldier's Song at Theatre Gael. If you come to see the show (and I certainly hope you will!), I'll be the one with limp.


Cindy Lou Whoo said…
so we both have a limp. i had to get a tetnus shot ugly shoe and crutches, not to mention 6 hours in the emergency room. how'd you make out?
Billy Jones said…
I just poped in to let you know you’ve made my list of 100 Blogging Poets In 100 Days. Enjoy!
Collin said…
Thanks, Billy! Definitely checkout the link above. It's a great way to discover other poets who keep blogs.

Stranger Ken said…
Hi Collin
I've only just happened upon your site and was drawn to this piece about spam comments, from which I also have suffered until I switched on my Word Identification tool, which seems to have done the trick. What I really wanted to say, though was how enjoyable I've found your blog to read. I'll certainly be visiting again and hope you won't mind if I link to you on my own blog which, like yours, Billy Jones has listed on 100 Blogging Poets .... All the best!
Collin said…
Ken, you'll see I've linked you. Thanks for your words. :)
Teamaster said…

That slip is a major bummer - and the jackasses who snickered deserve a nice knuckle sandwich each.

Hope you heal quickly, man.


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