DUBYA DITHERS: Watching the State of the Dis-union address...and boy is "dis-union" the right word in 2006. With 65 percent of the nation saying it thinks Duby is doing a shitty job, you would think he'd change up the rhetoric and maybe learn to pronounce "terrorist" and "nuclear." But, alas, no. He's standing up at there milking the last ounce out of "Democracy is on the move," but refuses to mention China as one of the countries oppressing its people. Might hurt those trade agreements...wouldn't be prudent. He's promising to keep on spying on Americans and won't do anything about the border control problem, which basically allows anybody into the country. There could several hundred terrorist cells plotting attacks even as I write this and Dubya dithers on Capitol Hill, and they probably came in through Mexico or Canada. He gave it a little lip service, the moved on. Oddly, he wants full reinstatement of the Patriot Act, but I don't see the point. Of course, he's feeling all puffed up because Samuel "No Rights for Women" Alito was confirmed for the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS sinks to the right, falling out of step with America. The real knee-slapper of the evening was Dubya talking about America's "addiction" to foreign oil. And we're in Iraq for what reason? Oh, yeah...Democracy is on the march. Puh-leeze.

OH! And get this...Cindy Sheehan is under arrest by Capitol police and the Secret Service for wearing a t-shirt with an anti-war slogan to the State of the Dis-union address. At this writing, despite the fact that the speech is over, she's still being held. So much for our civil rights. Dubya spins his bullshit and the mother of a soldier who lost his life fighting an illegal war is arrested in our Capitol exercising her right to free speech. She didn't just show up, but was invited by a senator from Califnornia and given a seat in the House gallery.

And what about New Orleans? A mere footnote in the last five minutes of the speech. When do the impeachment proceedings begin???


nolapoet said…
Sorry, but Cindy Sheehan WASTED a valuable opportunity to be a guilty presence on Dubya's conscience. There is a longstanding rule against banners in the chamber, and clearly a t-shirt with a slogan falls into that category.

Instead, she makes the antiwar movement look like a bunch of idiots.

Had she ben there to shake her head when the camera cut to her, things might be a little less grim this morning.

Or if she was hell-bent on getting arrested, the SMART thing to have done would have been to wait until midway throught the speech, THEN show the t-shirt and cause a commotion for the cameras (to ignore).

Collin said…
Her actions could be interpreted several ways. On a surface level, it makes the administration look like they will not tolerate any dissent at all. Sheehan's arrest has generated more publicity than her just being in the gallery would have garnered. So, perhaps she wore the t-shirt knowing she would be arrested. You know the old saying...there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Since Bush's speech has been seen as a total failure to connect with the American people (have they done any "bounce" polls yet?) by giving lip service to the economy, healthcare and New Orleans. He proved once again that he's out of step...continuing to focus on war rather than problems at home.

If you ask me, Sheehan's arrest was the most interesting thing about the whole evening. So not a total waste. :)
nolapoet said…
The most interesting thing about the wind-up chiimp's recitation was, for me, the looks on Gov. Blanco and Sen. Landrieu's faces. Today, Landrieu's headline in the T-P was "Bush just doesn't get it." Blanco looked like she was going to cry any minute. What a crime he just mentioned Katrina in passing--but found time todayo to attend redneck strokefest at the Grand Old Opry.
jenni said…
i keep having dreams that someone assasinates him, sort of throws a whole new light on "american dream."
Kate Evans said…
I have a dream: impeachment not for the people you have sex with, but for the people you kill.

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