HAPPY NEW YEAR: It's 1 p.m. on New Year's Day, 2006 and I just got up. Last night was Word Diversity Collective's Naked, Pagan & Uncensored at 7 Stages theater. It was a big success! The highlights are almost too many to mention, but I must send shout outs to Rupert Fike, who lost the last page of his poem, but was able to finish anyway to much applause; Alice Lovelace, who took words and phrases from the audience and created a moving piece about politics and the New Orleans flood, proving she definitely is a "word wizard"; Lisa Allender for sharing her wonderful new one woman show; Dr. Madelyn Hatter for being amazing as always; Karen Wurl for braving the cold auditorium and making everyone laugh; Theresa Davis for being a trooper and flexible; and Jonida Beqo for stepping in at the last minute and giving an electrifying performance. Everyone was brilliant...both onstage and off! It was a great way to cap of an incredible year.

The new and, hopefully, improved website at www.collinkelley.com is now live. Please let me know what you think and if I've screwed anything up (links not working, etc.). The site will probably be a bit of a work in progress for a few days as any problems are corrected.

My new year's resolution to take three months off from performing begins today. I'll spend this run up to the publication of What Remains working on new poetry, revising old ones and getting my novel, Conquering Venus, back into the hands of some editors and publishers. I'll be popping in to Java Monkey Speaks in Decatur every other Sunday or so, and I'll still be hosting the Poetry at Portfolio Center on the first Fridays of the month.

I'll still be blogging regularly on poetry, politics and whatever else might tickle or enrage me. I hope you will have a happy and peaceful 2006. Thanks for reading!


shamanic said…
Thank you so much for Saturday night, Collin. It was truly wonderful, and the perfect start to a new year. Enjoy your down time. I look forward to hearing the fruit of it.
Collin said…
Thanks, Stacie. You were fabulous for creating the postcard and the piece you read, esp. the remembrance of New Orleans, was powerful. You rock!
M. Ru Pere said…
Yes, thanks Collin and Alice and WDC for pulling that evening off - as each artist appeared I was more and more honored to be a part of it - God knows how much work goes into something like that - happy new year, all!!
nolapoet said…
Site looks good, Collin--I'm also revamping and tweaking, with the return of the more literary blog minus the pseudonym at http://sailpoet.com/myblog/ . The blog is called Every Poet Needs A Patio, but I haven't had time to edit all the graphics in the header yet.

Mami's still here, so no naked pagans for us -- instead, I've had my hands full editing the post-Katrina anthology of New orleans poets and sending out some new work. Hope 2006 is a hell of a lot better for everyone.
Anonymous said…

Love the new layout for your website.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself Saturday evening. Thank you for asking me to assist you and be a part of the reading.

BUT- I am still waiting to hear that poem.

Collin said…
Dustin, you were a great assistant director. Couldn't have managed the evening without you. Let me also praise the other "cast" members:

The poets in our grand finale, Fuck Midnight, were all brilliant: Scott Turner Schofield, Stacie Boschma, Karen G. Michelle Walker, Amanda Kail, Dustin, Bryan Pattilo (who put in a special guest appearance) and Jessica "Danger Dyke" Hand.

Christie White's cutting from "Clitty Conversation" was a hit; Dino Keodara got naked for us with his moving poetry; Kodac Harrison beautifull sang us into the new year; and Michael Sawecki's thought-provoking art graced the lobby walls. It will remain up through 7 Stages production of "George & Martha," so drop by and see the show and the art.

Speaking of 7 Stages, many tanks to Melissa Foulger, Mack and Jen for supportin WDC. You guys are lifesavers.

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