THE BLAME GAME: Vice President Dick Cheney-of Fools took full responsibility for shooting his hunting partner Harry Whittington in the face in a heavily edited interview on Fox "We suck the Republican cock" News. "You can't blame anybody else. I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend," Cheney said. However, Cheney defended letting 14 hours pass before alerting the White House and nearly 24 hours before letting Texas ranch-owner Katherine Armstrong spill the beans to some little newspaper in the area.

The press is already picking apart the "official" story, with allegations that Cheney had been drinking and that two unidentified women were with the hunting party, and they weren't Cheney or Whittingon's wives. Ariana Huffington's blog has an opinion piece making those claims, but we will probably never know the real truth, because Cheney and this administration don't do "truth." Frankly, I could care less if Cheney was drunk as a skunk and bangin' hookers in the weeds, but what I would like is this administration to be responsible to the Americans' that put them in office. It gives more and more credence to the theory that a shadow government, led by Cheney, is actually running the government. Cheney's contempt for the American people and the office he holds is yet another disgrace on the laundry list of disgraces this country seems to have racked up in the five plus years since Duby and Co. took office. This is a government out of control.

Also today, homeland no-security director Michael Chertoff said in congressional hearings that his department was "acutely aware" of Katrina and the risk it posed to New Orleans and the coast. Being "acutely aware" and actually DOING SOMETHING are, of course, two separate things. Scott McClellan -- who Bookfraud reminded me is the second worst press secretary ever (the top honor goes to Ari could I forget!?) -- said Dubya believes Chertoff is doing a heckuva job as homeland no-security director and appreciates "his strong leadership." Say what?

And to put a cherry right on top of one of Washington's worst days this year, an Australia television show got its on hands on more photos of American soldiers abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib, most of it sexual abuse. It's funny how the American military doesn't want the homos in its ranks, but they love watching and filming other men masturbating and posed in degrading and humiliating sexual poses. What's that all about, Army?


Collin said…
For those who might have read the comments earlier, there was one by Gav, who posts here sometimes, and one from Bookfraud, who found Gav's post a bit offensive.

I was sitting on the fence, because censorship is something I cannot tolerate, but I decided that Gavin crossed over a line that many would find offensive and unncessary...and you know it must have been bad if I found it offensive.

I had posted a response to Gav, but then I just decided to take it down completely.

Carry on...

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