MY NEW OBSESSION: Okay, I admit...I'm still as addicted to the Internet as I was eight or nine years ago when I got my very first PC. I lose hours at a time trolling the net reading poetry, researching, reading blogs, etc. But I haven't found anything lately that has sucked away my life force as much as

What's Oh, children, if you click on the link please make sure you have several hours at your disposal. Basically, YouTube is videos, tv shows (your favorite Saturday Night Live skit is probably here...most of mine are), film clips, personal movies, porn, stupid human tricks and anything else someone has bothered to upload. What I love the most is the music...videos I haven't seen in years and live performances from all over the world (look up Kylie Minogue singing Can't Get You Out of My Head to the tune of New Orders' Blue Monday at the Brit Awards a few years back). There's 12 pages of Kate Bush clips (joy!) and even the Cocteau Twins.

What's even more fab is that you can put these clips on your blog. Broadband connection is a must for this, and if it stops and starts, press pause and let the clip fully load and hit play again. In honor of my new obsession, here's the Cocteau Twins vid for the classic Heaven or Las Vegas. I'll dedicate this one to Rupert Fike, since he's a big if you're reading Rupert...just press the arrow.


jenni said…
OMG this is so awesome! I'm going to go try itLove how you can post them to your blog. Thanks for this link.
bookfraud said…
thanks a lot, collin. i am so hooked on this. i can't work, can't write, can't string an entire sentence together.
Collin said…
Told ya so. :)

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