GREETINGS FROM SAN ANTONIO: It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm sitting in the office of my publisher, Tanya Keyser of MetroMania Press, typing this up before we head out to lunch with a contingent of British poets -- Lucy English, David Johnson and Agnes Meadows. They are here, like me, for the Austin Poetry Festival, and we all read last night at the Barnes & Noble in San Antonio. It was a blast. Loved hearing those familiar accents in southern Texas where it's been 100 degrees for two days straight. Today it's only 98.

On Monday night, we had the release party for Slow To Burn at Ruta Maya in SA. The crowd was a little thin, but we had a fun just this same. I read with Janese Dunavant and Kittie Keyser. Also met another great poet named Michael Casares, who has a chapbook called Limbo that I sat up reading last night. There are some brilliant poems in there, esp. one I may have to put here next week when I get back. Always fantastic to meet other poets whose work speaks to you.

There's another reading tonight (I can't even remember where -- thank god Tanya is leading me by the hand...I'm delirious from the heat) and then tomorrow we head up to Austin for three days of readings. It's a little intense, but I'm loving it. More soon!


Anonymous said…
I see you've got readings with Sonya Renee & Suzy La Follette, two superpowerhouses crossed over from the slam scene~awesome.You'll porbably see very quickly why I love the Suz.
Just returning from Austin's heat.I will say, it was nice to be in a dry, hot heat WITHOUT ALLERGIES for a few days.
I learned so much from the slam master's meeting, probably even more in small conversations outside the meeting.
Damn, eat some "drippy cheese" for me, wouldya? Cheese dip there just AIN'T like here!I can't wait to go back.
~karen g.

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