LET'S PLAY TAG: Clare tagged me to answer these questions. I'll be tagging a few folks at the end...so get ready and don't pussy out.

7 things to do before I die:

1. Move to London
2. Visit Australia
3. Eat an entire salad
4. Pay off my credit card
5. Get my novel published
6. Meet Kate Bush
7. Have sex with a woman

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1. Probably have sex with a woman
2. Compete on the Amazing Race
3. Vote Republican
4. Participate in organized religion
5. Stop eating peanut butter (I'd give up heroin before JIF)
6. Take up smoking again (although I've been tempted)
7. Say Brokeback Mountain is "groundbreaking cinema"

7 things I say most often:

1. Motherfucker
2. Lord...
3. You're a big 'mo (as in moron, as in homo)
4. Questions, comments, concerns? (Mostly at work)
5. Brilliant
6. Bite me
7. Try it on me

7 books I love:

1. Written on the Body - Jeanette Winterson
2. Underworld - Don Delillo
3. Anne Sexton: Complete Poems
4. Singing Yet - Stan Rice
5. Portrait of a Lady - Henry James
6. Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood
7. A Widow For One Year - John Irving

7 movies I can watch over and over again:

1. Wings of Desire
2. Until the End of the World
3. 9 to 5
4. The Tango Lesson
5. Three Colours Trilogy: Blue, White, Red (Yeah, it's three films...suck it)
6. Rear Window
7. Muriel's Wedding

I tag Cypress Trees, Tania and Jenni!


Clare said…
Haha am impressed that you want to move to London and I *love* Muriel's Wedding :).
jenni said…

Jack says "Bite me!" ALL the time.

This is funny. Okay, I'll do mine now. Just cause it's you.
Tania Rochelle said…
I knew it!

I'm on it.
rae said…
Three Colours were amazing. Kieslowski is brilliant.
bookfraud said…
yes, you must go to australia. trip of a lifetime, worth every penny.

also, having sex with women isn't so bad. and "cat's eye" is the bomb.

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