ANOTHER SLICE: The image at right will be incorporated into the cover of the UK version of the Twin Peaks anthology, A Slice of Cherry Pie, to be published in August. Private Press publisher Ivy Alvarez has created a CafePress shop selling various "pie" related merchandise. The Private Press has also updated its website with author bios for those appearing in the anthology - including yours truly. As mentioned in the previous post, Shanna Compton's Half Empty/Half Full Press is publishing the US version. I can't wait to read the work and how these poets have interpreted David Lynch's much-missed TV show from the early 90s. Sure, the show "jumped the shark" in the second season and pissed everyone off by leaving the whole Laura Palmer murder only sorta explained. Lynch was (and still is) an uncompromising visionary. You have to go along for the ride. I can't wait to see his new film, Inland Empire, which is coming out sometime this year. If it's half as good as Mulholland Drive, it will be fab.

I've been laughing all day at the Supreme Court's ruling that Dubya and Co. are breaking the Geneva Convention by wanting to try Gitmo detainees in military tribunals, which means they would never get a public trial, access to counsel or have means of an appeal. Basically, they would all be found guilty and kept at Gitmo for the rest of their lives if this administration has its way. If 400 of our people were being held overseas in a prison, we'd have warplanes carpet bombing in a hot minute. Sean "I'm Ann Coulter's Bitch" Hannity was ranting and raving this afternoon on his show about those activist judges. Ummm...isn't the Supreme Court now leaning right? Didn't Dubya just cram two of his own "activist" judges down our throats? There are more than 400 men being held at Gitmo, without any kind of charge. They are just suspected of being terrorists. Most of Europe and Amnesty International have called for the closure of what is basically a modern day concentration camp. Senate Majority Jerkoff Bill Frist wants to overturn the Supreme Court decision and said he would introduce legislation next month. The Republicans will turn on each other like feral dogs. Love it!

The crisis in Israel and Palestine continues to spin out of control. I predict another all out Middle Eastern war in the near future.


I'm interested in reading the collection when it's released.

Never thought Lynch could top Blue Velvet. I was wrong-- He made Mulholland Drive. Amazing film.
Ann Coulter is the love child of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. Dick Cheney is the fairy god father.

Can I get a hell ya.
Collin said…
lol...hell yeah. Although Nixon's a goddamn saint compaired to Dubya and Cheney-of-Fools.
I hearby declare for all the lit world to know that the word Saint and Nixon can never be used in a sentence starting. now. ;)
jenni said…
That pie looks good. . .

I wish someone would just shoot Bush and put him out of our misery.

Terrible thing to say, but that's how I feel.
Rosemary Downunder said…
Yeah, whatever happened to habeas corpus? Those detainees have been there for YEARS! It's not even intelligent - they must surely be a darn sight more anti-American now than they were at the outset.

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