KYLIE RETURNS: Kylie Minogue is still recovering from breast cancer, but has announced that her concert tour will resume this fall. She sold out two shows at massive Wembley Arena in just six minutes. Four more dates have been added. I've never seen Kylie live, but judging from the DVDs, she gives one hell of a show. She's a genuine star and makes great pop music. Glad she's on the road to recovery.


Anonymous said…
She's hot and so are all her hunky dancer boys.

michi said…
i never understood what people see in her / her music. i find the music bland at best, and even annoying at times. i absolutely cannot relate to it, and i am not a fan of those choreographed shows at all. i like the more spontaneous, natural approach, interaction with the audience, etc.

but of course i wish kylie well.

Collin said…
It's all a matter of taste, which is very subjective. I like pop music and I like the dance music that she does. If you're not a fan of electronica or pop, then of course you won't like her. A show with good dancing and production is always a treat for me, but again...subjective. :)
michi said…
oh i like pop alright, just not that kind ... *L* it's too ... i don't know how to put it, really, but it's too smooth somehow. like plastic. there are very few memorable and all-around enjoyable genuine pop albums these days (not talking alternative, etc), imo.

ah well, you enjoy your kylie. :)


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