NEW WORK AT POETIC DIVERSITY: I'm a featured poet in the the latest edition of the great online poetry journal, Poetic Diversity. They selected three poems for publication: To Margot Kidder, With Love, Cross Country Practice and War for Oil (Darfur, Africa). I'm very pleased to have work in this's one I read on a regular basis because I know I can always find incredible poetry. It's also further proof that online mags are just as good - and in some cases better - than print ones.

The weekend was busy with packing and finishing grant applications to Poets & Writers for Voices Carry 3. P&W is going to be a lifesaver this year since Poetry Atlanta lost funding. Since poets make no money, I always try and get visiting and featuring poets some kind of money or even a free dinner if I can afford it. They deserve it.

I took two grocery bags full of old VHS tapes to the Book Nook and got $10 in exchange. My immediate reaction was, "what a rip off," until I remembered that no one watches VHS tapes anymore. I wound up trading them for two CDs, Madonna's American Life and Morcheeba's Big Calm. Both are fabulous.

The new and improved Poetry Atlanta site goes live tonight. Check it out after 10 p.m. EST.


I enjoyed reading your work at PD. "War for Oil (Darfur, Africa)" is a great piece. Powerful imagery and ending --

Here is famine, genocide,
dark skin pouring black oil
that holds no currency.
BLUE said…
now this is the beginning of taking care of you for a change. lovin' it. every poem of it. keep it up. and the site looks FAB!!! light!
Nick said…
Collin, I particularly liked the first & last poem. Congrats!
bookfraud said…
collin, this was great stuff...i, too, thought the "darfur" poem was especially great. moving and powerful, all those wonderful things...

the x-country poem was excellent too -- gave me a new perspective on a bunch of adolescents that i always viewed as skinny, pimply, and just plain nasty.

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