...I am a lyrical soul, bound to get carried away...


bizarre, but cool. i am picturing you dancing to this in your house.
BLUE said…
outrageously contagious song ... it's all about those ill trumpets fighting to lead, baby!! that and the competing bass give this song its funk. (love it!) light!
Collin said… know it! I've even got a couple of those outfits. ;-)

Blue...I knew you would love this song. Modern jazz/funk is what Roisin Murphy does well. If you like this song, you should hear the rest of her solo album and the stuff she did with her band, Moloko. I'll burn you a CD.
Anonymous said…
That song and Roisin Murphy is hot. H-O-T!!!! That video is freakin my shit out a little bit with her big old spider legs.

Burn? CD?

That's so, like, 1999.


BTW, dat song is sizzle-sizzle fo shizzle-my-nizzle.
That's hot, Collin.
Lisa Allender said…
Coll, Hi--WHEW! The spider-imagery is scary, but the black-and-blue butterfly is kickin'....
More, please....

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