PICK YOUR PIE: After a short production delay, the UK and US editions of A Slice of Cherry Pie are now available for purchase. The chapbook anthology features poems based on David Lynch's cult tv show Twin Peaks. The UK version (bottom) is available from The Private Press, while the US version (top) is on sale at Half Empty/Half Full Press. The talented poet/playwright Ivy Alvarez edited the anthology and her partner in crime was Shanna Compton, another fab poet and publisher of HE/HF Press. They took the poetry and created their own unique design for the editions and each book is made by hand.

Of course, these are a limited-edition, and half of the US quantity is already sold. If you want one, head over to the press sites and pay up. The US version is only $6 and the UK is 5 pounds.

I'm thrilled to share the pages with some fine poets from around the world including Emilie Zoey Baker, Jilly Dybka, elena knox, Jared Leising, Daniel Lloyd, Siobhan Logan, Eileen Tabios, Maureen Thorson, Andrew J Wilson & Maike Zock.

The Private Press is already planning a second anthology of David Lynch-inspired poetry, this time based on his films Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. The working title is Deranged and it should appear next summer. The deadline for submission is December 31. It has been a pleasure working with the presses on these chapbooks, so I'm already thinking of submitting for the next one. Check out the call for poems page and consider sending something yourself.

"Writing to order" is not my bag, but Lynch films lend themselves to moody, dark poems. My contribution to A Slice of Cherry Pie, called "Sometimes Her Arms Bend Back," took shape after watching the series again and then workshopping it with Cecilia and some other fine poets. My goal was to have the poem fit into the construct of the chapbook, yet be able to stand alone. I think I managed it.


M. Shahin said…
Robert said…
How fascinating yet appropriate that poets in modern times respond to film as much as anything.
I've already purchased my copy and am looking forward to it Collin. Also, thanks for the heads up on Deranged.
Peter said…
This looks like great fun. Jared Leising is a sweetie (and a member of our writing group in Seattle!).

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