December Will Be Magic Again - Kate Bush

December will be magic again.
Don't miss the brightest star.
I want to hear you laugh.
Kiss under mistletoe.
Don't let the mystery go now.

The second greatest Christmas song ever written. Nobody works a wicker chair like Kate Bush.


M. Ru Pere said…
if you turn the sound down and watch her lips, Kate's saying, "M. Ru Pere, Je t'adore, come be with me in this chair . . . " :)
Collin said…
You wish! lol
Cleo said…
And gotta love a christmas (though it has rather pagan undertones) song that has an Oscan Wilde verse.

December will be magic again.
Light the candLe-lights
To conjure Mr. Wilde
Into the Silent Night.
Ooh, it's quiet inside,
Here in Oscar's mind.
Anonymous said…
Oh man! Do you need some crackers with that cheese? She must be so embarassed by this now. I would be.

Collin said…
Bite me, little boy. This is a classic. You're just jealous.
Don't shoot me when I confess this----- this was my first Kate Bush song. I guess that means you need to burn me a CD. :-)

btw-- I felt a certain sexual vibe to this song added by her movements. It almost made me horny.
Collin said…
Yes, I will make a CD for you. In the meantime, head over to YouTube and watch some of her other "Running Up That Hill."

I promise not to tell anyone you're a closet straight boy. ;-)

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