THE NEXT BOOK: While there's still much work to be done on the new poetry collection, the title is a keeper: Wake.

The title had been on my short list for months, but it moved to the top as I sequenced the work. At the moment, there are 57 poems divided into three sections along with a "prologue" and a "coda" that bookends the collection. The first section has a very defined narrative arc, the second wanders a bit and then the arc returns in the third. Half of the poems have never been published, and while I thought most of the work from Slow To Burn would find its way into the collection, only four of the poems made the cut. I'll be sending the manuscript out to a few trusted poets in the coming weeks to get their opinions.

Wake: to rouse from sleep; to keep a vigil over; the visible track of turbulence left by something moving through water; aftermath.


Ivy said…
Great title!
I like the title Collin.
The title arouses interest.
Anonymous said…
I like it. Simple and I like all the meanings it has, although I have a feeling "aftermath" might be most appropriate?

M. Ru Pere said…
I like it - a one word pun -having just been in sequencing and Title Hell myself, I say, good job!
Peter said…
Great title. Very visual and layered. I'd love to see a preview.
Did you know Bin Ramke released a book recently with the same title? Just thoughtt you would like to know.

Don't kill the messenger. Lick the messenger.
Collin said…
I had no idea he had a book called that, since I don't particularly care for his work. I had to search Google to even find a reference. It was out seven years ago and is now apparently out of print. Move over, Bin, the title is mine now.

(licks Eduardo anyway)

Anonymous said…
I wouldn't worry about Bin Ramke. He dug his own grave and I lost all respect for him. He made his bed, and he should have known better.

Read up on Bin at PW
Collin said…
I'm surprised no one else has snapped up the title, actually. By the time my book finds a publisher another book with the title could come out.

I changed the name of "What Remains" to "Slow To Burn" (a very good move) to avoid sharing the title with a chapbook being publised at around the same time.

I have a back up title. Just in case. I believe in contingency plans.
Very much enjoyed my leisurely stroll through your a poet and an avid reader, I found it both enriching and enlightening. I thank you...
jenni said…
great title. i like one-word titles.

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