NOTES FROM UNDERFOOT: Thanks to everyone who has continued to comment on the chapter from Conquering Venus and everyone who took a minute to laugh with (or at) me over my "Date From Hell" post. The chapter post has been removed, and I continue to keep fingers crossed that one of the publishers will find it worthy and offer a contract.

In the meantime, work continues on the new poetry collection. I've leaked the title to a few people to get their reaction and it's been 100 percent positive. I'll be blogging about it and the status of the book in the coming week. Watch this space.

Congrats to Harper for getting her own contract in the mail for her next collection. I can't go into any details, but be assured she's about to go supernova in the poetry world...and it's about damn time.

And the next time you see Megan Volpert (that's Dr. Madelyn Hatter to some of you), congratulate her on the publication of her first collection, Face Blindness, from BlazeVox Press. It's available for order on Amazon. com at this link. She's also got a chapbook, Domestic Transmissions, coming out from MetroMania Press, which published my own Slow To Burn.

There's a fab new edition of SubtleTea online right now and editor David Herrle has kindly put a link to my MySpace page where you can hear me reading selections from Slow To Burn and the poem from the A Slice of Cherry Pie anthology. Thanks, David! This edition also features poetry from friend and fellow poet Cleo Creech. Check it out.

A new edition of The Business of Words is now avialable for podcast at Leisure Talk Radio Network. This show features my interview with Bruce Covey about his new collection Elapsing Speedway Organism from No Tell Books. You can listen to it on your computer or download it to your iPod.

We had one of the biggest crowds ever last night for Cecilia Woloch's reading at Poetry At Portfolio Center. She read a big chunk of her forthcoming chapbook, Narcissus, which won the Tupelo Press chapbook award. Thanks to Cecilia and everyone who came out and supported the event. Photos will be posted soon.

The graphic for this post is the artwork for the soon-to-be-released second season of Twin Peaks. Fans have been waiting for years for this. All 22 episodes are expected to be in the set, which sort of solved the riddle of who killed Laura Palmer, but saw the show get weirder as it went along and left us hanging as FBI Agent Dale Cooper disappeared into the White/Black Lodge. I guess he's still there since ABC cancelled the show. Sigh.


Ivy said…
Come back, Special Agent, we love you!
Anonymous said…
Kyle was a hottie. Have you seen him lately? Time has not been kind.

Twin Peaks was the best television show ever dreamed up. Terrific concept. Great, great atmosphere and story.
Charles said…
I was literally thinking last night, I wonder when the second season of Twin Peaks will finally be released??

Thanks for the tip.

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