FAVORITE FILMS MEME: In anticipation of the upcoming "film edition" of Blue Fifth Review, which should be available later this month, editor Sam Rasnake asked us to list our Top 10 favorite films. My faves fluctuate, but this list is pretty close:

1. Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders) The film is one long love poem to a then divided Berlin.
2. Until the End of the World (Wenders) The ultimate road movie.
3. Red (Krzysztof Kieslowski) My favorite of the Three Colours trilogy.
4. Elevator to the Gallows (Louis Malle) Jeanne Moreau is luminous and the Miles Davis score sublime.
5. Another Woman (Woody Allen) Gena Rowland's finest moment.
6. Julia (Fred Zinnemann) Jane Fonda's finest moment.
7. Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock) I watch this over and over again and still find new details.
8. Brainstorm (Douglas Trumbull) Natalie Wood's last, and almost finest, moment.
9. Short Cuts (Robert Altman) No one captured LA like Altman.
10. Orlando (Sally Potter) Tilda Swinton make a hot man...and woman.

Runners up would definitely include Aliens (loves me some Sigourney Weaver), Paris, Texas (another brilliant Wenders' film), Muriel's Wedding (Toni Collette's amazing debut), Brief Encounter(one of the greatest British films ever made), Seven Samurai (epic beauty) and Mulholland Drive (neck and neck with Blue Velvet for David Lynch's best film).

I have three film-inspired poems coming in Blue Fifth Review, including a tribute to the late Solveig Dommartin. I'll post the link as soon as the new issue goes live.


Anonymous said…
Im embarassed to say Ive only seen two of the films in your top 10 (Rear Window and Orlando), but I have seen three in your runner ups: Aliens, Muriel's Wedding and Mulholland Dr.

Nick said…
Good choices - seen 5 in your "top ten" and 3 in your "runners up".
Jennifer said…
Collin, did you get your lezzie on and watch L-Word last night?
Collin said…
Jennifer..as a matter of fact, I had a mini L Word marathon yesterday, catching up on the last two weeks in anticipation of last night. Write up tomorrow.
rae said…
Kieslowski is brilliant - my favorite was Bleu. Have you seen his Decalogues? I still have not seen Wings of Desire - I must be the only film nut not to have seen it, yet.
Collin said…
R, yes, I have seen the Dekalog. Brilliant stuff. It's a tragedy that Kieslowski isn't still with us making his beautiful films. You need to see Wings of Desire pronto! :)

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