Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Queen.


C. Cleo Creech said…
I love that the Queen actually invited her to Buckingham for tea.

Apparently she's a big fan of hers and has all of her movies and TV series on DVD.
hellen mirren, 61
diane keaton, 61
dolly parton, 61

obviously 61 is the new 41
Collin said…
I thought Diane looked fab, too, while she was being her usual loopy self with Jack Nicholson.

Good to see you posting, MM. Turn your damn comments back on!!! :)
Clare said…
Hurrah and yay for Helen. She looked fab :). It's been a great year for her so far.
diane keaton reminds me very much of my mother; wardrobe and make-up wise. lady teresa maxton is only 48.

no way on the comments.
Collin said…
You should post a photo of Lady Maxton.

As for not turning on your comments...grrrr.
jenni said…
I missed the awards. I rarely watch them. The internet is my TV. We need a po-blog Oscar.
Dan Vera said…
She was so perfectly British. When she laughed at that comedy bit that ended with "going home with Mirren" I just loved her even more.

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