NOTES & NOTIONS: A quick post with a couple of tidbits on Oscar Sunday. First, I've posted three audio poems at my MySpace page. You can hear me reading The Virgin Mary Appears In A Highway Underpass, What Remains and Cross Country Practice. I taped these in the Leisure Talk studio last weekend while recording The Business of Words. Enjoy, and if you have a MySpace page, be my friend.

Speaking of The Business of Words, my interview with Lee Passarella is now available at Leisure Talk Radio. You can listen to it online or download it to your iPod or other MP3 player.

If you look to your left on the blog, you'll see I've done a little link maintenance. I've created a new section for literary mags and sites, adding a few links as well. I was so pleased to see that Welter, the lit mag based at the University of Baltimore, has a new website. Welter was my first publication credit with a poem called Firewater, which wound up in Better To Travel.

The Oscars are tonight. I'll be watching, and trying not to fall asleep during all the boring tributes and tech awards. I really just want to see Helen Mirren collect her statue for The Queen. Go, Helen, go!


michi said…
i was up all night, half-watching the oscars, and thought of you when helen mirren won her award. *S* she collected it in style.

Anonymous said…
It was so fucking boring. I kept changing channels to something else. No big surprises. Glad Helen and Martin Scorsese won.

bookfraud said…
pretty dull, too, though nice to see mirren and scorcese get their just rewards.

someone needs to tell ellen degeneres that velveteen suits went out a long, long time ago.

the best moment was on the baba wawa pre-show special. mirren was talking about doing nude scenes. she said, "i've taken my kit off." cheeky brit!

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