Don't Cry For Me, Sanjaya

Oh, come on, you know you want to watch it again. The little crying girl is some of the best television ever!


Anonymous said…
Peter Herman Hermit guy is so right. It's a "voting" competition not a singing competition. Sangay is going to be in the top three tonight. Hes really bad here but so bad he's good.

Jennifer said…
Collin, Watch Sanjaya again and then go to my blog and re-watch the Tony DiFranco video I posted for Tania's birthday. Compare and contrast. The similarities are frightening. For this performance, Sanjay did everything but pack a cucumber, Spinal Tap style, in his tight pants. I think he might have finally found an appropriate onstage persona. I'm happy to hear that he's making you hot.
He sure does move like a sangaya....loving the farrah hair...

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