THE YO FACTOR: Once again, the girls proved that even at their worst they can sing circles around the boys on American Idol. Randy, who has apparently been sitting close enough to Paula to get a contact high, started the whole "yo factor" (that's "wow factor" in English) thing tonight. What became even more obvious is who the final three are going to be: Melinda, Lakisha and Blake. You could almost turn off your television until May at this point, but then what else would you do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? Tomorrow night will decide the final 12 -- six boys and six girls.

Jordin Sparks - She sang an overheated version of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker," which wasn't bad, but wasn't great. It was still better than anything the boys - including Blake - did last night. Randy, in a more coherent moment, correctly stated "it's a whole different show when the girls come on."

Sabrina Sloan - EnVogue's "Don't Let Go" is not a song that needs to be screamed, but Sabrina did it anyway. It was pitchy and overwrought. Simon said she sounded like a hotel lounge singer. Exactly.

Antonella Barba - If she doesn't go home tomorrow night, then this show is rigged. Her version of Corinne Bailey Ray's "Put Your Records On" was dreadful. Simon praised her for keeping her composure while photos of her cho-cha and peen sucking have circulated on the web, but said she had gone as far as she could in the competition.

Haley Scarnato - Hot mess and a half. She sounded like she was singing on one of those Christian cable access channel shows where all the women have purple hair and love Jesus too much. She was actually worse than Antonella. After Simon called her horrible, she made some comment to Ryan Gaycrest about how the show is a job and she's just "clocking in and clocking out." Ummm...clocking out for good tomorrow is my guess.

Stephanie Edwards - Chaka Kahn is making enough royalties off this season to buy new wigs for the rest of her life. Stephanie shouted "Sweet Thing" and her voice broke. There needs to be a moratorium on songs by Chaka and Stevie Wonder.

Lakisha Jones - Flawless cover of "I Have Nothing." Smokin' dress, too. She's going to be in the final two. Randy said she definitely has the yo factor. Duh.

Gina Glockson - She did a passable version of "Call Me When You're Sober" but she's no Amy Lee. She seems likable enough. She should be in the Top 12, so at least she can go on the summer tour and make some cash.

Melinda Doolittle (pictured) - They definitely saved the best for last. Her version of "I'm A Woman" was sexy, funky and it was the best vocal of the night. I'm still betting on Melinda and Lakisha being the final two. Now that will be some serious competition.


Anonymous said…
I may have to stop watching until May. Its really obvious now who is going to be at the top Melinda and Lakisha for sure. The next two months are going to be just listening to shitty performances by everyone else and the mild suprise at who goes home before the other.

i would say that most of them need stage names.
Collin said…
I'm sure if Lakisha Jones wins she'll just become "Lakisha." The rest...pretty forgettable. Antonella already has another name: skank. I know -- I'm mean.
Jaya Kamlani said…
Did anyone watch the "Gong Show" in the 1970s? The singer was gonged with a big mallet on a humungous brass plate if his/her performance was not good on the stage. I believe the "American Idol" is just a remake of the same show with no gong, and perhaps some logistics may be different. Essentially, the goal is the same; the judges narrow it down to the best performer.

Although I don't watch "American Idol," I think it keeps the audience entertained in a clean way, gets them to participate, and the best singers land a contract in the music industry. It's a win-win situation.

Jaya Kamlani
Anne said…
I was going to have to stop watching if they didn't boot Skankonella already.

(She is kinda hot though. Shamed as I am to admit it.)

I missed the girls this week, but I'm glad Gina got through. I do like her.

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