AMERICAN IDOL: HELL TO THE NO!!! Are you fucking kidding me with this? Gina is going home over Nosferatu Phil and Hooker Haley on American Idol? America got this one totally wrong. Haley gave the worst performance last night, using her "sex appeal" to get votes instead of talent. Tony Bennett told her she didn't get the song and the judges were so appalled by her they couldn't even comment on anything but her legs. Okay, Gina's performance of "Smile" was a bore, but...damn...she didn't need to go home tonight. I guess all those horny teenage boys were dialing with one hand and rubbing one out at the same time while rewinding Haley's performance on TiVo.

This dreadful decision tempers my joy that Sanjaya is safe for another week. They took all the drama out of the reveal of the bottom feeders tonight by lumping the nine into groups of three. Kiki, Mindy Doo and Jordin were all in a group together and you knew instantly they were safe. Sanjaya was with Blake and Chris, and they were totally safe. So that left poor rocker girl Gina with Phil and Haley...the worst of the worst. Sigh. I'm sure we're in for a few more surprises before it's all over. Just wait until Blake goes home, because he will in the next couple of weeks.

I won't be doing my American Idol recap next week. I know, I will you live? I'll be in San Jose and LA for my readings. I'll be blogging from Cali, but I have a feeling I won't get to see Idol. If I can get one of my bud's to TiVo it, then I might do a recap, but I'm not getting my hopes up...and you shouldn't either. Just remember to vote for Sanjaya! I voted for him six or seven times last night. Heeeeeeeeeee!!!


jenni said…
thanks for your awesome recaps--i missed the show this week. can't believe Gina got the boot. I thought she would eventually, but not this soon.
english rose said…
I have to admit that you are on the brink of losing me with all the American Idol business. I am prepared to give you another chance but felt it right to give advance warning that you may be on the brink of losing me.
i watched for the first time tonight. if they're all i have to choose from to be my idol then i am up the ... i'll finish the line after this, the 10th commercial break.
Collin said…
Sorry to hear that English Rose...stay tuned. It will be all poetry -- or poetry related -- for a week or so.

American Idol is a guilty pleasure. Poets all seem to love some reality show...many love Project Runway...but mine is American Idol.

What exactly would you like to see more of on the blog?

C. Dale said…
Strangely enough, I told my Mom this morning that I thought Glocker Rocker was going bye bye. She agreed. So, I wasn't surprised. The three I thought would be in the bottom three were in the bottom three. I think I have been watching this show for too long!
C. Dale said…
And some of us EXPECT you to go the extra mile to bring us a recap next week! Have someone tape it for you. Bring a laptop. I mean, come on! Some of us need the recap. It is like crack.
Anne said…
No recap next week? Hmph! There's always Television Without Pity (I love their recaps), but theirs usually aren't up until the next morning. Hmph!

I am bummed about Gina getting booted. I didn't think she'd be in the top three or anything, but I really really thought Haley was going home tonight. So did she, from the way she turned on the waterworks well in advance. :P
english rose said…
I like the poetry posts as well as the personal stories and just, you know, being in touch with the poetry scene and life in a place so far away from mine in space and culture - and of course the fact that you are an enthusiast. And your poetry.

Other guilty pleasures may be quite acceptable (and I was being a bit cheeky - of course you should blog about whatever takes your fancy)

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