AMERICAN IDOL TONIGHT: The Top 9 perform tonight and I can't wait to see if it's a smooth ride or a train wreck, especially for Sanjaya and his hair. I hope to goddess he doesn't take KFC up on its offer of free KFC Bowls (basically all their slop on one plate) for life if he gets a bowl haircut. Just say no, baby. You're not that hard up for cash...yet. I'll post the recap right after the show finishes up at 9 p.m. eastern time. Last week I voted for Sanjaya five times. I think I'll go for six tonight.


M. Ru Pere said…
but don't you think you should like, *listen* to him first? Before ya vote, lol - I loved him at the Seattle audition doing the Stevie Wonder - since then . . . not so much, but that's a SWM for yas!
Anonymous said…
We get it on delay here so its always cool to come and read your post before i watch to see what i can skip on TiVo


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