Nikki Giovanni - We Are Virginia Tech

Nikki Giovanni's stirring closing remarks at yesterday's memorial service for those slain at Virginia Tech.


It was a moving moment.

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Anonymous said…
Love the suit and her words.

i listened to hear and met with her in 2005 - she fires her mouth off a lot and i admire that. she's a strong woman.
That was sort of interesting and weird all at the same time. I never realized she was a such a strong orator. Her poems seem so quiet to me. Thanks for posting this.
Her comments were moving. I liked how she expanded on tragedy. Thanks for sharing this CK.
Rupert said…
just watching her on Larry King - omg, he was in N Giovanni's workshop! - and she said, "get him out of here or I'm going to resign" . . . . not that I fault the VT people, colleges are like society at large, full of crazy fucks . . . but in America they get to have guns . . .
Anonymous said…
It is too bad that Nikki Giovanni is trying to use this situation as a platform to promote her own political agenda. It is supposed to be about the victims, not Giovanni’s political ideology.
Collin said…
Don't be a moron, Anonymous. She's trying to put the tragedy into a larger context. She's a beloved figure at VTech and a strong supporter of the school. It was exactly the words needed. Did you bother to listen to the response from the grieving audience? Probably not.

And when you're gonna come here and talk about political ideology, have the balls/vagina to not be anonymous.
Kate Evans said…
She BLEW my mind. I admire her greatly.
Jana Allard said…
The response was as incredible as her speech. To me, it sounded like she was just what the doctor ordered - building faith after tragedy. Thanks for sharing this clip.
Steveonkey said…
ALI G -Booyakasha, chek i’ out. I is here wif my main man, Nikki G, my bro from Staines. How is you become poet?
NIKKI G- We’re communicators, it’s in our blood.
ALI G: Blood, West Side. Now sis, you, I mean, sorry you is my bro now, you is get some edumacation. You went to America, right?
NIKKI G: I went to Fisk.
ALI G: Tell me about how you is expelled for crack…
NIKKI G: It wasn’t for smoking crack. I started at Fisk in 1960, was soon expelled, and later returned and graduated in 1968. I did enroll and quickly drop out of two graduate schools after that but I did complete that one degree, my bachelor's degree.
ALI G: Wha’eve. You is still my main man. Now you has Tupac Shukar tattoo, right? Can I see that?
NIKKI G: Yes, I have said I would rather be with the street thugs than with the ones who complain about them.
ALI G: Now is you believe Tupac's criminal record make him a better rap artist?
NIKKI G: Well, I don't know about that, but...
ALI G: I like that poem you wrote about nigger can you kill, can you stab a jew, and you draw blood, can you kill a honkie. Ain't that a rap!
NIKKI G: You're talking about my poem "The True Import Of Present Dialogue, Black vs. Negro." I wrote that a long time ago.
ALI G: But can't you make a rap out of that? You is get the whole crowd to stand up at Virginia Tech with that one.
NIKKI G: No, that was my new poem We Are Virginia Tech.
ALI G: Wha'eve. That was my one an' only main man, Nikki G, my big bro and big time poet, big shout out for Nikki G from VT.

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